Daily Productive Sharing 870 - Making Decisions

Daily Productive Sharing 870 - Making Decisions
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Jacob Kaplan-Moss thinks that to make a sound decision, we need reach an agreement on how to make it, and he proposed a framework:

  1. Document the proposal.
  2. Share the document with a guiding group
  3. The Board and the proposal author identify the correct list of stakeholders.
  4. Apply The One Weird Trick
  5. A feedback and discussion period.
  6. The decision is made based on the previous agreement.
  7. Make it so: the work begins.

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Jacob Kaplan-Moss 认为做出有效决策的第一步是达成一个共识:即如何达成这一决策。为此他提出了一个七步的框架:

  1. 记录提议。
  2. 与指导小组分享文档。
  3. 确定利益相关者名单。
  4. 运用上面这一共识。
  5. 反馈和讨论。
  6. 基于先前的共识做出决定。
  7. 开始行动。

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