Daily Productive Sharing 872 - The Reminder to Say ‘NO’

Daily Productive Sharing 872 - The Reminder to Say ‘NO’
Photo by Elias Maurer / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday emphasizes the importance of saying "No" in his office, filled with reminders to do so:

  1. Saying "yes" to one thing inherently means saying "No" to others.
  2. Be polite when deciding to say "No."
  3. A firm "No" is crucial without giving maybes or excuses.
  4. Life involves choices, and saying "No" is a right in shaping your life.
  5. Choice brings freedom, and saying "No" is a choice.

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Ryan Holiday 在自己的办公室里放满了各种 Say No 的纪念品,时刻提醒自己说 No:

  1. 当你对一件事说 yes,以为着你对其他事说了 No;
  2. 当你决定对一件事说 No 的时候,请保持礼貌;
  3. 当你决定对一件事说 No 的时候,不要说可能,也不要给任何借口,就是一个干脆的 No;
  4. 人生就是各种取舍的组合,这是你的人生,所以说 No 是你的权利;
  5. 当你有选择时,你会感到自由,而说 No 就是这样一种选择。

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