Daily Productive Sharing 875 - Build Trust

Daily Productive Sharing 875 - Build Trust
Photo by Mirhashim Bagaliyev / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Jacob Kaplan-Moss shared insights on building trust in the workplace:

  1. Treat trust as an integral part of management.
  2. Trust is mutual; to be trusted by colleagues, you must first prove yourself trustworthy.
  3. Giving trust to others often leads to them trusting you more in return.

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Jacob Kaplan-Moss 详细地介绍了如何在工作中建立信任:

  1. 把信任当作是管理工作的一部分;
  2. 信任是双向的,你要同事信任你,那首先要做到值得同事信任;
  3. 当你给予足够的信任给别人,别人也会更加信任你。

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