Daily Productive Sharing 878 - The Written Word

Daily Productive Sharing 878 - The Written Word
Photo by Alan Chen / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel shared his insights on writing:

  1. Writing for oneself is enjoyable, while writing for others feels more like a job.
  2. A good story acts like leverage, making your writing more appealing.
  3. People remember well-crafted sentences, so aim for clarity and brevity.
  4. Good writing is a byproduct of extensive reading.
  5. Ignore everything else and start writing from today.

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Morgan Housel 总结了一些关于写作的见解:

  1. 为自己而写才有乐趣,为他人而写只是一份工作;
  2. 好的故事就像杠杆一样,会让你的写作加倍吸引人;
  3. 人们只会记住好的句子,所以要力求简明扼要;
  4. 好的写作其实是大量阅读的副产品;
  5. 什么都别管,从今天开始写。

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