Daily Productive Sharing 880 - Growing Old Gratefully

Daily Productive Sharing 880 - Growing Old Gratefully
Photo by sentidos humanos / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Suzie Headley gained a new perspective on aging after a conversation with her uncle on her 40th birthday:

  1. Not everyone gets to live until 40, so we should appreciate reaching this age.
  2. Attempts to resist aging are futile since time doesn't change for anyone.
  3. We can shift our view of aging, seeing it as a privilege rather than a burden.

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本期 DPS 是2023年的最后一期,临近年末,大家难免不感慨时间又过去了。

Suzie Headley 听到她叔叔祝贺她四十岁生日时,有些错愕。听到她叔叔的解释之后,就对年龄释然了:

  1. 不是所有人都能活到四十岁,所以我们应该庆幸自己能够活到今天;
  2. 所有抵御衰老的努力都是徒劳的,因为时间不会因此而改变;
  3. 我们可以改变看待衰老的角度,将其视为一种幸运,而不是累赘。

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