Daily Productive Sharing 884 - Systems

Daily Productive Sharing 884 - Systems
Photo by Gantavya Bhatt / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday explains why he's focusing on building better systems this year:

  1. Systems can create efficiency and amplify efforts.
  2. While there might be an initial investment in creating systems, they overall enhance efficiency.
  3. Establishing rules within systems reduces the need for repeated effort on similar issues.
  4. Implementing a system increases the likelihood of successfully completing a task.

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Ryan Holiday 去年的年度主题是 less,今年的年度主题是 system,他介绍了为何今年要建立更好的系统:

  1. 建立系统可以事半功倍;
  2. 尽管建立系统可能会有前期投入,但是总体而言,会让效率更高;
  3. 在建立系统时就制定规则,可以减少后期在同样的问题上耗费精力;
  4. 通过建立一个系统,你更有可能把一件事做成。

Thinking in Systems 是一本不错的系统学入门书籍,我们曾经推荐过:


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