Daily Productive Sharing 886 - Saying “hi” to An Unknown New Journey

Daily Productive Sharing 886 - Saying “hi” to An Unknown New Journey
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Yihui Xie -- A well-known statistician and contributor to the R language, was recently forced to leave his former employer. He wrote an article about his experiences before and after leaving his job, and his mindset is very impressive:

  1. The end of a relationship does not necessarily mean someone was right or wrong, it simply means the parties are no longer a match. This is very common, as people are constantly changing.
  2. He has become increasingly interested in the philosophies of "Less is More" or "Worse is Better," and has grown to appreciate the philosophies of stoicism and wabi-sabi;
  3. Every choice comes with a series of trade-offs, so what we need to do is find the choices that are more suitable for us;
  4. For him, this is not a farewell, but a welcome to the future, embracing the unknown journey ahead.

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谢益辉 -- 知名的统计学者及 R 语言贡献者,最近被迫从前东家离职。他写了篇文章介绍离职前后的情况,他的心态非常棒:

  1. 一段关系的结束并不意味着谁对谁错,只是双方不再匹配。这非常常见,毕竟人一直在变化。
  2. 他对于 Less is More 或者 Worse is Better 的哲学越来越有兴趣,也更加欣赏 stoicism 和 wabi-sabi 的哲学;
  3. 所有的选择都伴随着一些列的取舍,所以我们要做的是找到更适合我们的选择;
  4. 于他而言,这不是告别,而是迎接未来,迎接未来的未知旅程。
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