Daily Productive Sharing 890 - Escalating Streaks

Daily Productive Sharing 890 - Escalating Streaks
Photo by Jubéo Hernandez / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Tom Scott recently released his farewell video, marking the end of his consistent updates over the past decade. Simon Willison wrote an article specifically to introduce Tom's journey:

  1. Tom Scott's success lies not only in his ten years of perseverance, consistently releasing a video every week, but also in his attention to detail, such as his collection of factual errors made in his videos, which he openly shares with the public;
  2. The secret to success is continuous perseverance and iterative improvement based on that perseverance;
  3. Of course, perseverance is a double-edged sword. It can motivate you to keep going, but it can also create invisible pressure. Therefore, while persevering, maintaining a certain level of flexibility is healthier in the long run.

In fact, last year, I also spent a lot of time considering the future of DPS, whether to continue it or not?

Now, what supports me are two things:

  1. In over three years, DPS has never missed a single day of updates.
  2. At least reading RSS is still very beneficial for me personally, and doing DPS is just a small effort.

Referring to Tom Scott's ten-year goal, DPS should at least update 2500 issues, and now there are still 1610 issues to go :)

Of course, I also hope that more friends will read DPS. If you find DPS helpful, please don't hesitate to share it with your friends. Thank you!

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已经有超过五千位朋友通过各种渠道订阅我们的内容,你还在犹豫什么呢?不如直接支持我们 :)

Tom Scott 近期发布了他的告别视频 ,为他十年来坚持不断的更新画上了一个句号。他的 Simon Willison 专门写了文章来介绍 Tom 的历程:

  1. Tom Scott 的成功不仅仅在于他十年间的坚持,每周发布一期视频的坚持,而且在于他的细致,比如他专门搜集了自己在视频中的事实错误,并公之于众;
  2. 成功的秘诀在于不断坚持,并且在坚持的基础上不断迭代;
  3. 当然坚持本身也是一把双刃剑,它可以促使你继续坚持,也可能给你造成无形的压力。所以在坚持的同时,保持一定的灵活性,从长远来看,更加健康。

其实去年也有很多时候在考虑 DPS 的未来,是否还要坚持下去?


  1. 三年多来,DPS 从来没有一天断更
  2. 至少阅读 RSS 对我本身还有很大的帮助,做 DPS 无非就是举手之劳

参考 Tom Scott 的十年目标,DPS 至少要更新2500期,现在还差1610期:)

当然,我也希望能有更多的朋友读到 DPS。如果你觉得 DPS 对你有些许帮助,请不吝分享给身边的朋友。谢谢!

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