Daily Productive Sharing 893 - Wrong Problems

Daily Productive Sharing 893 - Wrong Problems
Photo by Marek Piwnicki / Unsplash

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Nick Maggiulli believes that we often expend a lot of energy on the wrong problems:

  1. Solving the wrong problems not only fails to upset us but also leads us to believe that we are being efficient.
  2. Often, we solve the wrong problems because they are easily measurable.
  3. The only way to correct this issue is to frequently ask ourselves, "Am I solving the right problem?"

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Nick Maggiulli 认为我们经常为了错误的问题而耗费大量精力:

  1. 解决错误的问题不仅不会让我们感到难过,还会让我们以为自己很有效率;
  2. 很多时候我们解决错误的问题是因为,这一问题容易被衡量;
  3. 纠正这一问题的唯一方法就是多问问自己,我是否在解决正确的问题?

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