Daily Productive Sharing 895 - The 4-Stage Creative Process

Daily Productive Sharing 895 - The 4-Stage Creative Process
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

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Herbert Lui demystify the process of creation into four phases:

  1. The first step into the creative process involves research, exercises, rituals, and routines that stimulate your mind.
  2. The second phase of the creative process involves consciously letting go of the problem and relaxing your mind.
  3. The illumination phase happens third in the sequence—typically only after a prolonged period of preparation and incubation.
  4. After the glorious illumination comes verification, including evaluation and elaboration.

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Herbert Lui 将创作过程解构为四个阶段:

  1. 创作过程的第一步包括研究、练习、仪式和日常活动,这些都能激发你的思维。
  2. 创作过程的第二阶段涉及有意识地放下问题,放松你的思维。
  3. 启迪阶段是第三个阶段,在经过长时间的准备和孵化之后通常会发生。
  4. 最后是验证阶段。

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