Daily Productive Sharing 897 - Steer Concerns

Daily Productive Sharing 897 - Steer Concerns
Photo by Terry Vlisidis / Unsplash

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Herbert Hui introduced a counterintuitive principle: When you want to seize an opportunity, it's effective to first lay out what the other party is worried about and then provide corresponding solutions. This approach makes it easier to obtain the opportunity.

  1. Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, used this tactic to first secure a position as a product manager at Apple and then to obtain startup funding for LinkedIn.
  2. The aspects that others worry about might be the most critical aspects of a problem, so addressing them directly is more likely to capture their attention.

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Herbert Hui 介绍了一个反直觉的道理:当你想要获得一个机会,不妨先把对方担心的事摊开来,然后给出对应的方案,这样更容易获得机会。

  1. LinkedIn 的创始人 Reid Hoffman 用这招先后获得了 Apple 的产品经理职位,并为 LinkedIn 获得了启动资金;
  2. 别人担心的方面可能是一个问题最重要的方面,所以直接出击更能获得对方的注意。

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