Daily Productive Sharing 898 - 6-Year of Daily Journaling

Daily Productive Sharing 898 - 6-Year of Daily Journaling
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One helpful tip per day:)

Herman Martinus reflected on his experience of journaling for over six years:

  1. Writing a journal is like talking to a little yellow duck, it brings inner peace.
  2. Journaling helps us remember what we have done, thereby better understanding ourselves.
  3. You can start journaling by writing just a sentence or two each day.

I also started journaling this year, and currently, I put everything in Agenda (because I bought it a long time ago and haven't really used it). At present, I mainly record these:

  1. Interesting parts I come across while reading.
  2. Training experiences.
  3. Insights gained at work.
  4. Learnings from conversations with friends.

It's quite a loose approach, and I don't have many expectations. I hope to look back after keeping it up for a while.

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Herman Martinus 回顾了自己六年多写日志的经历:

  1. 写日志就像和一个小黄鸭交谈一样,可以获得内心的平静;
  2. 写日志能帮助我们记住自己做了什么,从而更好地了解自己;
  3. 写日志可以从每天写一两句话开始。

我也从今年开始写日志,目前全部放在 Agenda 里(因为买了好久都没好好用),目前主要记录这些:

  1. 读书读到有意思的部分;
  2. 训练体验;
  3. 工作中悟到的一些道理;
  4. 和朋友聊天中的收获。


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