Daily Productive Sharing 899 - Learning Is the Most Important Skill

Daily Productive Sharing 899 - Learning Is the Most Important Skill
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Tanya Reilly believes that continuous learning is the most important skill in the software development industry:

  1. Only through continuous learning can you keep up with the development of the industry and avoid being obsolete.
  2. If continuous learning is the most important ability, then perseverance is the second most important.
  3. Although we all understand the importance of learning, we don't often discuss how to learn. This can cause confusion and frustration for beginners, so we need to share more about how to learn.
  4. It's like Instagram, where we only see the glamorous side, but overlook the effort and hardships behind it.
  5. Learning itself is also a skill. The better you master it, the faster you can learn new knowledge. This is true for learning within the same field as well; it might start off slow, but suddenly you'll get the hang of it.
  6. Everything in the software industry can be learned, as long as you are willing to spend the time.

Tanya Reilly has written a book called The Staff Engineer's Path, focusing on the practical skills and requirements of staff engineers, which is an excellent book.

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Tanya Reilly 认为持续学习是软件开发行业的最重要技能:

  1. 只有持续地学习,你才能跟上行业的发展,不被淘汰;
  2. 如果说持续学习是最重要的能力,那么坚持就是第二重要的能力;
  3. 尽管我们都明白学习的重要性,但是我们不怎么提及如何学习,这回让其他初学者感到困惑,也会让他们感到挫败,所以我们要多分享如何学习;
  4. 这就像 Instagram / 小红书一样,我们只看到光鲜亮丽的一面,却忽略了这后面的努力和心酸;
  5. 学习本身也是一种技能,掌握得越好,学习新知识就越快;在同一个领域学习也是,一开始可能会很慢,但突然就会开窍;
  6. 软件行业的所有东西都可以学会,只要你肯花时间。

Tanya Reilly 写过一本 The Staff Engineer's Path,专注 staff engineer 在实操层面的技能和要求,非常棒的一本书。

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