Daily Productive Sharing 900 - Information to Get Your Attention

Daily Productive Sharing 900 - Information to Get Your Attention
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One helpful tip per day:)

This is the 900th share of DPS. Over three years may seem long, but each day feels so short. In these three-plus years, I have worked and lived in three countries, experiencing various changes. The only constant has been preparing five articles to share for the next week, every week, for 180 weeks, without any delay.

Today's share comes from our old friend Morgan Housel. Years ago, he asked economist Robert Shiller what the most useful and interesting information was. Shiller's response was about the role of luck in success.

In this article, Morgan shares what he considers the most useful and interesting information:

  1. The history we know is actually just a small part of the facts - those that have been recorded and made public. Once we understand this, we realize that our understanding of many things is one-sided;
  2. When you are on your deathbed, if you have lived as the person you wanted to be, or even halfway there, then you will die without regrets. If you make some different choices, your life could be completely different;
  3. Understand how much time you have left before death. This can be viewed from two different perspectives: 1. Life is really short - so you won't waste time on meaningless things, 2. Life is really long - so you won't rush into making choices.

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已经有超过五千位朋友通过各种渠道订阅我们的内容,你还在犹豫什么呢?不如直接支持我们 :)

这是 DPS 的第900篇分享,三年多的时间看似很久,但具体到每一天又那么短。这三年多,我在三个国家工作生活,经历了各种变化,唯独不变的是每周把下一周要分享的五篇文章准备好,没错,坚持了180周,没有缺席一天。

今天的分享来自我们的老朋友 Morgan Housel,他在多年前问经济学家 Robert Shiller -- 最有用且最有趣的信息是什么?后者的回答是 -- 运气在成功中的角色是什么?

在这篇文章中,Morgan 分享了几个他认为最有用且最有趣的信息:

  1. 我们所知道的历史,其实只是事实的一小部分 -- 那些被记录下来的一小部分,那些被公开出来的一小部分。如果明白这一道理之后,我们就知道自己对于很多事物的理解都是片面的;
  2. 在你临死的时候,如果你已经活成了想要的自己,如果你能活到一半想要的自己,那你就死而无憾了。如果你做出一些不同的选择,你的生命就会完全不一样;
  3. 明白你离死亡还剩多少时间。可以从两个不同的角度来看待这个问题:1. 生命真短 -- 那么你就不会浪费时间在无意义的事情上,2. 生命真长 -- 你就不会急于做出选择。

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