Daily Productive Sharing 901 - Be More Agentic

Daily Productive Sharing 901 - Be More Agentic
Photo by Carl Raw / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Cate Hall achieved a lot in her 30s - becoming a world-class bridge player, founding a perfume company, and establishing a pharmaceutical company. She summarized some experiences that contributed to her success:

  1. The most important thing is to find your strengths, rather than just working hard. These strengths are often overlooked by others or are things they are unwilling to do.
  2. Seek genuine feedback - without feedback, it's like cooking without tasting.
  3. Socialize more to increase your chances of getting lucky.
  4. Anything can be learned, even if it's difficult. Assume that it can be learned.
  5. When you start learning something new, it might feel difficult. But this is actually a moat because if you find it difficult, others will too. If you persist, you can surpass those who don't.
  6. Don't just work hard, as there's a high chance of being knocked down by burnout.

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Cate Hall 在她30多岁的时候成就颇多 -- 成为了世界顶尖的桥牌选手,开创了一家香水公司,创建了一家药企。她总结了一些铸就这些成功的经验:

  1. 最重要的是找到自己的优势,而不是埋头苦干 -- 这些优势往往是别人忽视的,或者不愿做的;
  2. 追寻真正的反馈 -- 如果没有反馈,就像炒菜不尝味道;
  3. 多多社交,扩大自己获得运气的概率;
  4. 任何事物都可以学习,即使很难,你也可以假设他们可以学习;
  5. 开始学一样新事物的时候,可能会觉得很难。但这其实是一条护城河,因为你觉得难的事物,别人也觉得难;只要你坚持下去,就能超过那些坚持不下去的人;
  6. 不要埋头苦干,因为很大概率你会被 burnout 击倒。

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