Daily Productive Sharing 902 - Not Giving a Fuck

Daily Productive Sharing 902 - Not Giving a Fuck
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Mark Manson analyzed the five stages of "not giving a fuck":

  1. Facing Embarrassment - By putting yourself in embarrassing situations, you'll find that actually not many people pay attention to you.
  2. Facing Rejection - No matter how great you are, there will always be someone who rejects you, so being rejected is a part of success.
  3. Facing Criticism - No matter how well you do, there will always be someone who criticizes you. Criticism is essentially a form of feedback; listen to it if you want to.
  4. Facing Failure - We are usually result-oriented rather than process-oriented. What's actually more important is the process and what we learn from it.
  5. Once you have dealt with the above four stages of "not giving a fuck," you actually achieve mental and emotional freedom.

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Mark Manson 解析了关你屁事的五个段位:

  1. 直面尴尬 -- 把自己置身于尴尬中,你会发现其实没多少人会关注你;
  2. 直面拒绝 -- 无论你做得多棒,总会有人拒绝你,所以被拒绝是成功的一部分;
  3. 直面批评 -- 无论你做得多棒,总会有人批评你,批评的本质是一种反馈,想听就听;
  4. 直面失败 -- 我们通常是结果导向,而不是过程导向。其实更重要的是过程,是我们从过程中学到什么?
  5. 解决了以上四个段位的关你屁事,其实你就获得了身心自由。

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