Daily Productive Sharing 903 - 30 Things at 30

Daily Productive Sharing 903 - 30 Things at 30
Photo by Kristaps Ungurs / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Herman Martinus summarized 30 pieces of advice while turning to 30:

  1. Instead, approach every new person with respect (and rescind that respect if necessary).
  2. 10 people who love you is worth more than 10,000 people who like you...
  3. Difficult conversations are the most important conversations to have
  4. If you live with others get a dishwasher
  5. Take care of your back, joints, and teeth (!)
  6. The more lucky you perceive yourself to be, the more lucky you become. Optimism is powerful shit.
  7. The most interesting person you've ever met is probably extraordinarily curious.
  8. Celebrations are an expression of gratitude. Embrace the opportunity to celebrate.
  9. The world is awful. The world is much better. The world can be much better.
  10. The adage "time heals all wounds" is mostly true. Things will be okay.

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Herman Martinus 在三十岁生日时,总结了三十条经验,其中这些尤为重要:

  1. 应该对每一个新认识的人表示尊重。
  2. 10个爱你的人比10000个喜欢你的人更有价值...
  3. 困难的对话是最重要的对话。
  4. 如果你和别人同住,买个洗碗机吧。
  5. 照顾好你的背部、关节和牙齿(!)
  6. 你觉得自己越幸运,你就会变得越幸运。乐观是强大的东西。
  7. 你遇到过的最有趣的人可能是极其好奇的。
  8. 庆祝是对感恩的表达。抓住庆祝的机会。
  9. 这个世界很糟糕。这个世界比以前好多了。这个世界可以变得更好。
  10. “时间能治愈一切伤痛”这句老话大多是真的。一切都会好起来的。

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