Daily Productive Sharing 904 - About Dream Jobs

Daily Productive Sharing 904 - About Dream Jobs
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

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Herbert Lui shared his views on the concept of a dream job:

  1. The key to a dream job actually lies in our own feelings, how we define it, and how we connect it with the meaning of our own lives.
  2. Obtaining such dream jobs is greatly related to luck. Even if you can't replicate such luck, it's important to enjoy the present.
  3. A dream job might appear glamorous from the outside, but the reality could be quite different, so don't focus too much on it.

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Herbert Lui 分享了他对 dream job 的看法:

  1. 其实 dream job 的关键在于我们自己的感受,我们如何定义,我们如何把这些与自己的人生意义联系到一起;
  2. 获得这些 dream job 与运气有很大的关系,即使你无法复刻这样的运气也不要紧,只要享受当下即可;
  3. dream job 也有可能外面光鲜,实际却大相径庭,所以不要太在意。

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