Daily Productive Sharing 906 - Real Feedback

Daily Productive Sharing 906 - Real Feedback
Photo by Steve Busch / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Herbert Lui believes that genuine feedback will make you feel upset:

  1. The reason these feedbacks make you feel upset is precisely because they are true;
  2. When you receive this feedback, it often helps you see your own weaknesses;
  3. If you cannot find such feedback, then try to put yourself in a position where it is easier to receive this kind of feedback.

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Herbert Lui 认为真正的反馈会让你感到难过:

  1. 这些反馈会让你感到难过正是因为他们的真实;
  2. 当你收到这些反馈时,往往可以帮你看到自己的短板;
  3. 如果你找不到这些反馈,那么试着把自己放到一个更容易收到这类反馈的位置。

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