Daily Productive Sharing 907 - The World Can Be Much Better

Daily Productive Sharing 907 - The World Can Be Much Better
Photo by NASA Hubble Space Telescope / Unsplash

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Max Roser uses the decline in infant mortality to illustrate that the world is terrible, has improved a lot, and can still get better—all at the same time:

  1. Based on 2020 data, the global overall infant mortality rate is at 4.3%;
  2. Before the 19th century, only half of the infants globally could live to adulthood;
  3. The infant mortality rate in European Union countries has dropped to 0.45%;
  4. Combining these three pieces of data, we can see that the world has already improved a lot, can still get better, and the very existence of death also shows that the world is still terrible.

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Max Roser 利用婴幼儿死亡率的下降,来说明世界很糟糕,世界已经变好了很多,世界还能变得更好这三者同时存在:

  1. 基于2020年的数据,全球总体的婴幼儿死亡率在4.3%;
  2. 而在十九世纪前,全球只有一半的婴幼儿能活到成年;
  3. 欧盟各国的婴幼儿死亡率已经降至0.45%;
  4. 结合以上三个数据,我们可以看到世界已经变好了很多,世界还可以变得更好,而死亡本身的存在也说明世界还是很糟糕。

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