Daily Productive Sharing 908 - Tips for a Better Life

Daily Productive Sharing 908 - Tips for a Better Life
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One helpful tip per day:)

Conor Barnes summarized 100 pieces of advices, and the following are quite inspiring:

  1. Things you use for a significant fraction of your life (bed: 1/3rd, office-chair: 1/4th) are worth investing in.
  2. Once clear rules are established, junk will probably cease to be a problem.
  3. When buying things, time and money trade-off against each other.
  4. Keep your desk and workspace bare.
  5. The best advice is personal and comes from somebody who knows you well.
  6. Make accomplishing things as easy as possible.
  7. Noticing biases in others is easy, noticing biases in yourself is hard. However, it has much higher pay-off.
  8. Often in the process of laying out a problem, a solution will present itself.
  9. Things that aren’t your fault can still be your responsibility.
  10. Defining yourself by your suffering is an effective way to keep suffering forever (ex. incels, trauma).
  11. Remember that you are dying.
  12. When you ask people, “What’s your favorite book / movie / band?” and they stumble, ask them instead what book / movie / band they’re currently enjoying most.
  13. In relationships look for somebody you can enjoy just hanging out near. Long-term relationships are mostly spent just chilling.
  14. If you have trouble talking during dates, try saying whatever comes into your head. At worst you’ll ruin some dates (which weren’t going well anyways), at best you’ll have some great conversations. Alcohol can help.
  15. People can be the wrong fit for you without being bad.
  16. Call your parents when you think of them, tell your friends when you love them.
  17. Compliment people more. Many people have trouble thinking of themselves as smart, or pretty, or kind, unless told by someone else. You can help them out.
  18. Don't punish people for admitting they were wrong, you make it harder for them to improve.
  19. Bad things happen dramatically (a pandemic). Good things happen gradually (malaria deaths dropping annually) and don’t feel like ‘news’.

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Conor Barnes 总结了100条人生感悟,其中这些非常有启发:

  1. 你在生活中频繁使用的东西(床:1/3,办公椅:1/4)值得投资。
  2. 一旦建立了明确的规则,垃圾问题可能就不再是问题。
  3. 购买东西时,时间和金钱会相互抵消。
  4. 保持你的桌子和工作区域干净整洁。
  5. 最好的建议是个人化的,它们来自于了解你的人。
  6. 尽可能简化完成任务的过程。
  7. 注意到别人的偏见很容易,注意到自己的偏见很难。然而,这有更高的回报。
  8. 在描述问题的过程中,解决方案往往会自呈现。
  9. 不是你的错的事情仍然可以是你的责任。
  10. 以自己的苦难来定义自己是永远苦难的有效方法(例如:无缘社群,创伤)。
  11. 记住你正在死去。
  12. 当你问人们“你最喜欢的书/电影/乐队是什么?”而他们犹豫不决时,改问他们目前最喜欢的书/电影/乐队是什么。
  13. 在关系中寻找一个你喜欢仅仅是靠近挂出的人。长期关系大多数时间都是在放松中度过的。
  14. 如果你在约会时交谈有困难,试着说出任何进入你头脑的事情。最糟糕的情况是你会毁了一些约会(反正它们也不顺利),最好的情况是你会有一些很棒的对话。酒精可以帮助。
  15. 人们可能不适合你,但并不意味着他们是坏人。
  16. 当你想到父母时给他们打电话,当你爱你的朋友时告诉他们。
  17. 多夸奖人。许多人很难把自己看作聪明、漂亮或善良,除非有人这么告诉他们。你可以帮助他们。
  18. 不要因为人们承认自己错了而惩罚他们,这会让他们更难以改进。
  19. 坏事往往戏剧化地发生(一场大流行)。好事往往逐年逐步发生(疟疾死亡率逐年下降)并不感觉像是“新闻”。

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