Daily Productive Sharing 910 - Letter 2023

Daily Productive Sharing 910 - Letter 2023
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Last December, Dan Wang spent a month in Chiang Mai, where he participated in the Walk and Talk event organized by Kevin Kelly and Craig Mod - a seven-day trek covering 100 kilometers. This walk inspired him to continue writing his annual letters, and what he shares here is his 2023 annual letter, which is divided into two parts, one about China and the other about the United States:

  1. The mountains in Northern Thailand and Southwest China are popular retreats for many people.
  2. In 2023, more people "fled" out, with the top choices being three Asian countries - entrepreneurs ran to Singapore, those who could afford it went to Japan, and those seeking a retreat went to Thailand.
  3. Many of the Chinese who fled to Thailand are in their early 20s, seeking to reclaim the three years they lost. Despite this, many are afraid to tell their parents that they have gone to Thailand.
  4. Those who fled to Thailand are also uncertain whether they will stay there permanently, and even more uncertain about where their true home is.
  5. Looking back, Southeast Asia has always been a preferred destination for those seeking a retreat, starting from the Taiping Rebellion.
  6. In the early 20th century, more than half of Bangkok's population was Chinese, and even now, 10-15% of Thailand's population is of Chinese descent.
  7. In 2023, China's car exports surpassed Japan to become the world's largest, mainly composed of electric vehicles, a success attributed to the battery industry's layout over a decade ago.
  8. Despite some manufacturing moving abroad, China will still dominate the manufacturing sector in the coming years.
  9. In 2022, China's shipbuilding accounted for half of the global total, while the United States only had 0.2%.
  10. Although both the political and business sectors in the U.S. understand that attracting high-tech talent is key to maintaining competitiveness, visa policies for high-tech talents haven't changed much.
  11. China has been open for 40 years, and a return to isolationism is impossible.

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去年12月,Dan Wang 在清迈度过了一个月,他参加了 Kevin Kelly 和 Craig Mod 组织的 Walk and Talk 活动 -- 七天走了100公里。这次步行激发他继续写年度之信,这里分享的就是他写的 2023 年度之信,主要分为两部分,第一部分谈中国,第二部分谈美国:

  1. 泰北和中国西南部又非常多的山峦,所以很多人选择这些地方避世;
  2. 2023年有更多的人“润”了出来,首选的是亚洲三国 -- 像创业的跑到了新加坡,已经有条件的跑到了日本,想避世的跑到了泰国;
  3. 很多跑到泰国的中国人才20出头,他们想夺回失去的三年。尽管如此,其中不少不敢告诉父母,自己跑到了泰国;
  4. 跑到泰国的这些人也不确定自己是否会一直呆在泰国,当然更不确定的是家在哪里;
  5. 回顾过去,东南亚一直是避世的首选之地,从太平天国开始;
  6. 20世纪初,曼谷有一半以上的人口是华人,即使到现在,10-15%的泰国人口是华裔;
  7. 中国的汽车出口总量于2023年超越日本,成为世界第一。主要由电动车构成,而这一成功得益于十多年前的电池产业布局;
  8. 尽管有不少制造业外迁,但中国仍将在未来几年占据制作业的主导位置;
  9. 2022年,中国的造船量占据全球的一半,而美国只有0.2%;
  10. 尽管美国政界商界都明白,吸引高技术人才是保持竞争力的关键,但是高技术人才的签证政策并没有太多变化;
  11. 中国已经开放了40年,再闭关锁国是不可能的。

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