Daily Productive Sharing 912 - Meditations on Riding

Daily Productive Sharing 912 - Meditations on Riding
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann / Unsplash

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Herman Martinus spent four days riding a motorcycle from Cape Town to Johannesburg, which he likened to meditating in the desert:

  1. Riding a motorcycle means you have to live in the moment and cannot be distracted;
  2. Riding a motorcycle constantly receives feedback from the ground, making him feel connected to the earth;
  3. The daily fatigue allowed him to get good rest at night;
  4. Along the way, he continuously received help from others and also offered his help to them.

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Herman Martinus 花了四天时间从开普敦骑摩托到约翰内斯堡,在他看来这像是在沙漠里冥想:

  1. 骑摩托意味着你必须活在当下,不能分心;
  2. 骑摩托不断地能收到地面的反馈,让他觉得自己和大地连接在一起;
  3. 每天的劳累让他在晚上获得很好的休息;
  4. 一路上他不断获得他人的帮助,也对他人施以援手。

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