Daily Productive Sharing 914 - Margin of Safety

Daily Productive Sharing 914 - Margin of Safety
Photo by Mauricio Artieda / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Jack Raines pointed out that Amazon was able to survive the dot-com bubble because they sold $672 million in bonds a month before the burst:

  1. This cash provided Amazon with the security needed for survival;
  2. SpaceX was able to survive because Elon Musk funded it with the money from his previous two companies, Zip2 and Paypal;
  3. The success of many companies is simply outliving their competitors;
  4. If you want to start a business on your own, make sure you have enough cash flow.

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Jack Raines 指出 Amazon 之所以能在互联网泡沫中存活下来,是因为他们在爆发前一个月卖出了6.72亿美金的债券:

  1. 这些现金为 Amazon 的存活提供了保障;
  2. SpaceX 之所以能活下来,是因为 Elon Musk 用之前两家公司 Zip2 和 Paypal 的钱来养活它;
  3. 很多企业的成功,只是比竞争对手多活了一段时间;
  4. 如果你想独自创业,请确保又足够的现金流。

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