Daily Productive Sharing 915 - Letter of 2022

Daily Productive Sharing 915 - Letter of 2022
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This is Dan Wang's annual letter for 2022. Although these absurd three years have long passed, reading about them still inevitably brings sadness:

  1. He immediately bought a plane ticket and fled to Yunnan when Shanghai announced the impending lockdown. Then, he spent over two months leisurely in Yunnan.
  2. Dali is cooler than Xishuangbanna and sunnier than Shangri-La; hence it's jokingly called "Dali-fornia," as it's only one letter away from California.
  3. The high mountains make it difficult for Yunnan to develop industrially, but this has turned it into a haven for those seeking to escape the world.
  4. Elderly people in Shanghai joked that the lockdown wasn't the worst thing, as they had already experienced the ten years of the Cultural Revolution. The lockdown gave everyone a taste of "common prosperity" in advance.
  5. The biggest challenge of the Shanghai lockdown was psychological, as no one knew when it would end.
  6. The people of Shanghai experienced two shortages: a food shortage in the spring and a fever medicine shortage in the winter. The shortage of fever medicine was absurd - during a pandemic where fever is a major symptom, fever medicine was restricted for purchase, so pharmacies didn't stock up, and manufacturers stopped producing.
  7. Around December 7th, all official media were two-faced, except for one person who never spoke out. It was all his responsibility, yet he didn't have to take any.
  8. Over the past seventy years, every turmoil has been a man-made disaster.

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这是 Dan Wang 写的2022年度之信。尽管这荒谬的三年已经过去了许久,但是读到这些还是难免让人难过:

  1. 他在上海宣布即将封城后,立马买了机票逃到了云南。然后在云南逍遥了两个多月;
  2. 大理比西双版纳凉快,又比香格里拉多点阳光;所以被人戏称为“大理福尼亚”,因为和 Califonia 只差一个字母;
  3. 高山让云南难以发展工业,但业因此让它成为了避世之地;
  4. 上海的老人戏言道,封城还不是最惨的,毕竟都经历过十年文革。封城让大家提前体验了“共同富裕“;
  5. 上海封城带来最大的挑战是心理上的,因为谁都不知道晒时候会结束;
  6. 上海民众经历了两次短缺:春季的食物短缺和冬季的退烧药短缺;而退烧药的短缺非常荒谬 -- 一个主要症状是发烧的大流行病的前提下,退烧药居然被限制购买,所以药房没有备货,药厂不再生产;
  7. 12月7号前后,所有的喉舌都是两面派,唯独一个人从来不发声,明明都是他的责任,他却什么都不用负责;
  8. 在过去的七十多年里,每一次折腾都是人祸。

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