Daily Productive Sharing 916 - Quotes by 50 Cent

Daily Productive Sharing 916 - Quotes by 50 Cent
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One helpful tip per day:)

Herbert Lui picked 50 pieces of advice given by 50 Cent, and some of them are insightful:

  1. The easiest deposit you can make at work, but one that will pay off in the long run, is to just show up on time.
  2. Every 4:30 a.m. wake-up call is a blessing, the signal that I’m getting another chance to do something I love.
  3. If someone does something I consider smart, I make note of it and try to think of ways I could do something similar. If I see my competition do something I consider foolish, I make note of that, too.
  4. Not building something slowly—a career, a future—it would all fall apart within a few years, as younger and more eager rappers would take their place.
  5. You just have to stay upbeat about things. Be the person who doesn’t (complain) or moan when you get a tough job or assignment.
  6. My strategy when I started talking with Starz was not to get the biggest check possible—it was to create the biggest opportunity possible.
  7. It’s just not how the (negociation) works. They’re always going to start at a lower number and then come up if you push back. Just how high they come up depends on how good a negotiator you are. But they’re never going to start at that number.
  8. I’d cleared my plate and refocused on the future, instead of being held down by a relic of the past.
  9. An internship is an open door. Once you’re in, you must take it upon yourself to check out every room in the house.
  10. You must find people who are going to inject new energy into your life.
  11. I love talking to anyone who can provide me with new information that can change my perspective.
  12. Understand that most successful people end up chasing the same dream multiple times before it ever comes to fruition.

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Herbert Lui 梳理了50条 50 Cent 的人生经验,其中一些引人深思:

  1. 在工作中你可以做的最简单的投资就是准时到达。
  2. 每个早上4:30的闹钟是一种祝福,它意味着我又有机会做我爱做的事情。
  3. 如果有人做了我认为聪明的事情,我会记下来,并试图想办法做类似的事。如果我看到我的竞争对手做了我认为愚蠢的事,我也会记下来。
  4. 你只需要对事情保持乐观。成为那个在得到艰难的工作或任务时不抱怨或发牢骚的人。
  5. 我开始与 Starz 谈话时的策略不是获得尽可能大的支票——而是创造尽可能大的机会。
  6. 就是这样的(谈判)不是这么工作的。他们总是会从一个较低的数字开始,然后如果你反对,他们就会提高。他们提高多少取决于你作为谈判者的能力。但他们永远不会从那个数字开始。
  7. 我清理了我的脑袋,重新聚焦于未来,而不是被过去拖累。
  8. 实习是一扇打开的门。一旦你进去了,你必须自己去查看房子里的每一个房间。
  9. 你必须找到那些能为你的生活注入新能量的人。
  10. 我喜欢与任何能提供给我新信息、能改变我的观点的人交谈。
  11. 要明白,大多数成功的人在梦想实现之前,都会多次追求同一个梦想。

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