Daily Productive Sharing 919 - Manage Your Stressors

Daily Productive Sharing 919 - Manage Your Stressors
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Nick Wignall believes there is a fundamental problem with the way we deal with stress:

  1. Many coping methods are superficial solutions, such as meditation, counseling, etc.;
  2. The essence of stress is the source of stress; if the source of stress cannot be addressed, any coping method can only solve temporary problems;
  3. To fundamentally solve the problem of stress, significant changes must be made in life.

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Nick Wignall 认为我们应对压力的方法有根本性的问题:

  1. 很多应对方法都是治标不治本,比如冥想,咨询等等;
  2. 压力的本质是压力源,如果不能解决压力源的问题,任何应对方法只能解决一时的问题;
  3. 要想从根本上解决压力问题,就要对生活做出重大改变。

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