Daily Productive Sharing 923 - Happiness Is A Journey

Daily Productive Sharing 923 - Happiness Is A Journey
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Mark Manson believes happiness is a fluid state:

  1. Happiness itself is a journey, and our daily choices affect this journey.
  2. The essence of happiness is not just about feeling good, but also about purpose and meaning.
  3. Negative emotions are not entirely opposed to happiness; the existence of negative emotions allows us to cherish happiness more.
  4. Socializing can also enhance our happiness.
  5. From another perspective, if we keep in mind every day that death is imminent, then everything is temporary, and thus we can cherish the present more.

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Mark Manson 认为快乐是一种流动的状态:

  1. 快乐本身是一个旅程,我们每天的选择都会影响这段旅程;
  2. 快乐的要义不仅仅在于感觉上的,还在于目的和意义;
  3. 负面情绪并不完全和快乐对立,只有负面情绪的存在才能让我们更珍惜快乐;
  4. 社交也能促进我们的快乐;
  5. 换一个角度,如果我们每天都将死亡铭记在心,那么一切都是暂时的,所以我们也就更能珍惜当下。

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