Daily Productive Sharing 924

Daily Productive Sharing 924
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One helpful tip per day:)

DPS 558 once recommended Jason Roberts' article How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area, which posits that luck = talking x doing. Sean Murphy expanded on this concept:

  1. Time is limited, so both talking and doing consume a certain amount of time; balancing the two is very important;
  2. If you are good at doing but not at talking, then strive to talk more, and vice versa;
  3. How to allocate these times daily depends on how your energy is distributed;
  4. Many projects are more like marathons than sprints, so mastering the right pace is especially important.

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DPS 558 期曾经推荐了 Jason Roberts 写的 How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area,即运气 = 诉说 x 行动。Sean Murphy 在此基础上,拓展了这一观点:

  1. 时间是有限的,所以诉说和行动两者都会耗费一定的时间,如何平衡这两者就非常重要;
  2. 如果你擅长行动而不擅诉说,那就努力多诉说,反之亦然;
  3. 具体到每天如何支配这些时间,要看你的精力如何分布;
  4. 很多项目像是马拉松而不是短跑,所以掌握好节奏尤为重要。
Daily Productive Sharing 558 - How to Create Luck
One helpful tip per day:) Jason Roberts believes that luck can actually be created by. 1. the more you do and the more you say, the more luck you will have. 2. the more you talk about it, the more you make it. 3. the more you do, the more

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