Daily Productive Sharing 926 - You Need A Reckoning

Daily Productive Sharing 926 - You Need A Reckoning
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Chad Fowler shared how he lost weight:

  1. While walking around in Harajuku, he suddenly realized that his attitude towards health was too casual, so he decided to change. He refers to this as the Harajuku moment.
  2. He roughly calculated the total weight he needed to lose and the daily calories he needed to burn -- one pound of fat is about 4000 calories. If the basal metabolic rate (BMR) consumes 2900 calories, then eating 1800 calories would result in a calorie deficit of 1100 calories; 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can burn 500 calories, so there would be a daily calorie deficit of 1600 calories.
  3. Although he controlled his diet, he didn't calculate every meal but did so once a week and then followed the plan for each meal. By simplifying in this way, he didn't need to worry about the calories of each meal, making it less troublesome.
  4. The biggest mistakes are actually the easiest parts to fix.

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Chad Fowler 分享了他是如何减肥的:

  1. 在原宿逛的时候,他突然发现自己对于健康的态度太过随意,于是决定改变。他将这称之为 Harajuku moment;
  2. 他粗略地计算了一下需要减去的总体重,以及每天需要消耗的热量 -- 一磅脂肪差不多有4000大卡,如果新陈代谢消耗 (BMR) 2900大卡,那么进食1800大卡的话,就有1100大卡的热量缺口;30分钟的有氧运动可以消耗500大卡热量,那么每天就有1600大卡的热量差;
  3. 尽管他会控制饮食,但不是每顿都计算,而是一周做一次计算,然后每餐按照计划执行,通过这样的简化,他不需要担心每餐的卡路里,也就不那么折腾;
  4. 巨大的错误其实是最容易修复的部分。


  1. 每个人的 BMR 都不尽相同,其中体重是一个很大的影响因素,我的 BMR 大概在1900大卡左右,比作者少了1000大卡;
  2. 30分钟的有氧运动可以消耗500大卡热量 -- 这也因人而已,体重也是一个很大的影响因素。以我一小时的 Crossfit 训练为例,一般消耗在800-1000大卡之间,如果是举重课的话,消耗会低一些;
  3. 增肌比减肥更难,有一段时间我从74公斤增重到78公斤,除了每周三四次的 Crossfit 课,每天喝两次蛋白粉,外加两条蛋白棒,饭量还是一般人的两倍,严格控制碳水,显然很难维持,所以体重又掉回74公斤了 🤷

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