Daily Productive Sharing 931 - Learning How to Learn

Daily Productive Sharing 931 - Learning How to Learn
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One helpful tip per day:)

Eddie Cheng summarized learning methods by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and Naval Ravikant:

  1. Knowledge Tree:When you understand the trunk first (i.e., the fundamental principles) before moving on to the leaves (the finer details), you can increase your learning capacity by 10x.
  2. If you're not genuinely curious about a problem, you'll never go far in solving it.
  3. Don't read to complete. Read to understand.
  4. Experience will teach you more than any book ever will.
  5. Instead, embrace your mistakes and just get the reps in.
  6. Isolate yourself from the world and zone in.
  7. Instead, create a system for repetitive learning.
  8. When you notice your mind wandering during study, drop everything and get some sleep.

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Eddie Cheng 整理了 Elon Musk,Sam Altman 和 Naval Ravikant 的学习方法:

  1. 构建知识树:当你先理解主干(即基本原则)再去关注叶子(更细节的部分)时,你可以将你的学习能力提高10倍。
  2. 如果你对一个问题不是真正好奇,你在解决它的道路上永远不会走得很远。
  3. 不要为了完成而阅读。要为了理解而阅读。
  4. 经验会教给你的东西,任何书籍都无法比拟。
  5. 接受你的错误,并且不断尝试。
  6. 与世隔绝,专心致志。
  7. 创建一个重复学习的系统。
  8. 当你注意到你的思绪在学习时游离,放下一切去睡觉。

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