Daily Productive Sharing 932 - Work, Family or Scene?

Daily Productive Sharing 932 - Work, Family or Scene?
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Ryan Holiday points out that among work, family, and social life, you can only choose two at most. This is because:

  1. Life is full of various trade-offs, and the contradiction among these three lies in the allocation of time. Therefore, the essence of how to balance these three is how to manage time.
  2. To make trade-offs means to say no, to say no to things big and small.
  3. Only when you understand what to say no to, will you be able to say yes to things that truly matter.

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Ryan Holiday 指出,在工作,家庭和社交之间,你最多只能选择两样。这是因为:

  1. 生活充满着各种权衡,而以上三者之间的矛盾在于时间的分配,所以如何权衡这三者的本质是,如何权衡时间;
  2. 要做权衡,就意味着要说不,要对大大小小的事说不;
  3. 只有当你明白了对什么说不之后,你才会对真正有意义的事说 Yes。

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