Daily Productive Sharing 934 - $500K Milestone

Daily Productive Sharing 934 - $500K Milestone
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Tony Dinh has gained half million since he released the first version of Typing Mind one year ago:

  1. When you’re first to the niche, your first version (MVP) doesn’t have to be so amazing.
  2. If I were late to the party, there wouldn’t be any annoying problems to solve anymore, or at least the problems wouldn’t be that painful/important anymore.
  3. Typing Mind’s revenue is now a mix of one-off purchases and subscription revenue. It’s a healthy mix!
  4. The revenue from the subscription sources could easily justify the costs for lifetime users (mostly the cost of customer support).
  5. Most users will be happy to pay once and use the product forever, which saves them more money in the long term.

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Tony Dinh 于一年前开发了 ChatGPT API 的客户端 Typing Mind,一年之后的今天,他靠这款产品获得了50万美金的收入,以下是他的心得:

  1. 当你是第一个进入这个细分市场的时候,你的第一个版本不必非常惊艳;
  2. 如果我来得晚了,那么所有烦人的问题都已经被解决了,或者至少这些问题不再那么痛苦了;
  3. Typing Mind 的收入现在混合了一次性购买和订阅收入。这是一个健康的组合;
  4. 来自订阅的收入完全覆盖终身用户的成本;
  5. 大多数用户会很乐意一次支付并永久使用产品:长远来看,这样能为他们节省更多的钱。

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