Daily Productive Sharing 935 - A New Definition of MVP

Daily Productive Sharing 935 - A New Definition of MVP
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Tuomas Artman has pointed out that the definition of a modern MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has significantly changed from the past:

  1. Since the market already has various products, most MVPs are improvements on existing products. Given this, these products already on the market have validated their commercial viability, so a new MVP does not need to revalidate this aspect;
  2. Also, because these products exist in the market, they set the existing bars. Merely creating a minimum viable product is not enough; it must offer more value to users than what is currently available;
  3. Therefore, the definition of a contemporary MVP should be to identify the pain points of existing products in the market and then create an improved version based on this;
  4. According to this definition, the first step in building a modern MVP is to distill the product down to the point where it can provide the most value to users;
  5. Linear's approach is to first create a version that can serve its own team, then recommend it to founders of startups, obtain feedback, and further iterate.

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Tuomas Artman 指出现代 MVP (最小可行性产品) 的定义已经和之前的大不相同:

  1. 由于市场上已经有各种产品,所以大部分的 MVP 都是在现有产品的基础上做出改进。既然如此,这些已经在市场上的产品已经验证了商业上的可行性,所以新的 MVP 就不需要再验证这一点了;
  2. 也由于市场上已经有这些产品,所以他们就是既有门槛,只做出最小可行性产品是不够的,必须比他们提供更多的价值给用户才行;
  3. 所以当代 MVP 的定义应该是,找出市场上已有产品的痛点,然后在此基础上做出改进的版本;
  4. 根据以上定义,构建现代 MVP 的第一步是把产品浓缩到最能提供价值给用户的那一点上;
  5. Linear 的做法就是先制作一个能服务自己团队的版本,然后面向创业公司的创始人推荐,获得反馈,进一步迭代。

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