Daily Productive Sharing 936 - Timeshielding

Daily Productive Sharing 936 - Timeshielding
Photo by Francesco Ungaro / Unsplash

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff is juggling several major projects at the same time: pursuing a PhD, running NessLabs, and writing a book. How does she manage her time? She uses a method called timeshielding:

  1. Allocate time first to the most important tasks, and let the other things follow;
  2. Habitually say no to protect your own time;
  3. Manage your energy, not just your time.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 同时在进行好几个大项目:攻读博士,经营 NessLabs,还有写书。她是如何管理自己的时间的呢?她采用了一种叫做 timeshielding 的方法:

  1. 把时间先分配给最重要的事,其他的事可以靠后;
  2. 要习惯性地说不,保护自己的时间;
  3. 管理自己的精力,而不仅仅是时间。

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