Daily Productive Sharing 938 - The Dumber Side

Daily Productive Sharing 938 - The Dumber Side
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Morgen Housel explains why a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity:

  1. Very smart people can fool themselves with elaborate stories about why something happened.
  2. Being very smart makes it harder to listen to people who are less credentialed than you, even when they might have the right answer.
  3. Having an intellectual reputation to maintain can make it difficult to change your mind when you need to.

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Morgen Housel 揭示了为什么聪明反被聪明误:

  1. 非常聪明的人可能会用复杂的理论来愚弄自己,解释为什么会发生某事。
  2. 非常聪明会让你更难倾听那些资历不如你的人,即使他们可能有正确答案。
  3. 有一个需要维护的声誉可能会让你在需要改变主意时感到困难。

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