Daily Productive Sharing 939

Daily Productive Sharing 939
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Paul Graham points out the most dangerous ways to waste wealth and time:

  1. The most dangerous waste of wealth is not extravagance, but reckless investing;
  2. The most dangerous waste of time is not leisure, but the most meaningless efforts;
  3. The commonality between them is that we think these are effective, thus we let down our guard;
  4. What's more tragic about meaningless efforts is that we don't even derive pleasure from them.

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Paul Graham 指出最危险的浪费财富和时间的方式:

  1. 最危险的财富浪费不是挥霍,而是乱投资;
  2. 最危险的时间浪费不是玩乐,而是最无意义的努力;
  3. 两者的共同点在于我们以为这些都是有效的,从而放弃警惕;
  4. 无意义努力更可悲的在于我们还感受不到乐趣。

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