Daily Productive Sharing 940 - Do Anything

Daily Productive Sharing 940 - Do Anything
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One helpful tip per day:)

Aaron Francis summarized his secrets to staying motivated:

  1. Even if something seems difficult, starting with a small part can help.
  2. Once you start, you will find motivation.
  3. Starting opens up possibilities and ideas.
  4. Understand that it's okay to change direction midway, so it's fine if your initial starting point isn't perfect.

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Aaron Francis 总结了自己如何一直保持动力的秘诀:

  1. 即使发现一件事很难,也可以从一小部分开始做起;
  2. 只要开始做,就会找到动力;
  3. 只要开始做,就会打开思路;
  4. 要明白,即使中途也可以改变方向,所以一开始起步方向不对也没关系。

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