Daily Productive Sharing 945 - Dating Apps Are Getting Worse

Daily Productive Sharing 945 - Dating Apps Are Getting Worse
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Magdalene J. Taylor revealed the impact of dating apps on our close relationships:

  1. Dating apps have become the most important channel for meeting new dates, yet the match rate is extremely low;
  2. People accustomed to dating apps seem to have lost the ability to strike up conversations in person, fundamentally changing our habits in forming close relationships;
  3. However, we are not online shopping but searching for a partner to spend the rest of our lives with;
  4. Like many other online services, dating apps have become increasingly worse. Perhaps it's time to leave these services and start meeting new people offline again to build close relationships.

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Magdalene J. Taylor 揭示了 dating app 对于我们亲密关系的影响:

  1. dating app 似乎成为了人们认识新 date 的最重要渠道,但匹配率非常低;
  2. 习惯了 dating app 的人们似乎不知道如何当面与人搭讪,这完全改变了大家约会的习惯;
  3. 然而我们并不是在线上购物,而是在寻找能够一起度过余生的另一半;
  4. 就像很多其他的线上服务一样, dating app 也变得越来越糟糕,也许是时候离开这些服务,重新在线下认识新朋友了。

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