Daily Productive Sharing 946 - Getting Fewer Done

Daily Productive Sharing 946 - Getting Fewer Done
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Nick Maggiulli shared how he managed to maintain a full-time job while updating his blog weekly for the past 7 years:

  1. It's impossible to achieve all the goals you set; managing to accomplish 80%-85% is pretty good. Although this might result in some efficiency loss, it can prevent burnout in the long term.
  2. If you focus on short-term tasks, then long-term goals will naturally be achieved.
  3. There are many strategies for scheduling tasks, such as prioritizing by importance, prioritizing shorter tasks, or prioritizing by deadlines, etc. You need to choose the appropriate strategy based on your specific goals, rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Nick Maggiulli 分享了他如何坚持在过去7年里既有全职工作,还每周更新 blog:

  1. 你不可能完成所有设定的目标,能完成80%-85%就不错了;尽管这样你会损失一些效率,当时长期而言,可以防止 burn out;
  2. 如果你专注在短期的任务上,那么长期的目标就会自然而然实现;
  3. 用于安排代办事项的策略有很多,比如重要度优先,耗时短优先,死限优先等等,你需要根据具体的目标来选择相应的策略,而不是一成不变。

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