Daily Productive Sharing 949 - Neglect Almost Everything

Daily Productive Sharing 949 - Neglect Almost Everything
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Jakob Greenfeld believes that to be successful in business, one needs to focus on the most important aspects and give up efforts in other areas:

  1. Many successful products have various problems, but these do not hinder their commercial success.
  2. An extreme example is the purchasing of drugs, which has a very poor shopping experience, but this does not prevent target customers from continuously buying. Because they only care about obtaining the product, and not about anything else.
  3. Jakob runs a mail marketing company, where the most important delivery is to find sales leads for clients through emails, and everything else is secondary.
  4. After realizing this, they stopped all unrelated activities and focused on improving the delivery rate of emails.

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Jakob Greenfeld 认为要想成功,就需要专注在最重要的几个方面上,而放弃其他方面的努力:

  1. 许多成功的产品都有这样那样的问题,但不妨碍它们商业上的成功;
  2. 一个比较极端的例子就是买 drug 有着非常差的购物体验,但不妨碍目标客户不断地购买。因为他们只关心能否获得产品,而不关心其他;
  3. Jakob 经营着一家邮件销售公司,最重要的交付是把通过邮件找到销售线索给客户,而其他都是次要的;
  4. 想清楚这点之后,他们就把手头无关的活全停了,专注在提高邮件的投递率上。

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