Daily Productive Sharing 950 - A Project of One's Own

Daily Productive Sharing 950 - A Project of One's Own
Photo by Ali Kazal / Unsplash

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Paul Graham explained why having your own projects is so important:

  1. The difference between having your own project and working for someone else is like the difference between walking and skateboarding;
  2. A personal project has two characteristics: it is self-driven, and you are hands-on;
  3. Such projects give you more control, which in turn propels you forward;
  4. The best way to ensure autonomy is to have no boss, meaning these projects are outside of work and you call the shots;
  5. When children skateboard, they have boundless confidence, something we lack as adults. Therefore, we need not only to have our own projects but also to regain that kind of confidence.

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Paul Graham 介绍了为什么拥有自己的项目这么重要:

  1. 拥有自己的项目和为人打工的区别就像走路和滑板的区别;
  2. 所谓自己的项目有两个特点,一是你自我驱动的,二是你亲力亲为;
  3. 这样的项目让你有更多的掌控,从而进一步推动你前进;
  4. 保证自主性最好保持没有老板,这就要求这些项目是在工作之外,同时你自己说了算;
  5. 当孩子玩滑板时还有无限的自信,而这是成年后的我们所欠缺的,所以我们不光要有自己的项目,还要找回这样的自信。

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