Daily Productive Sharing 951 - Gain or Gap

Daily Productive Sharing 951 - Gain or Gap
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One helpful tip per day:)

Benjamin Hardy reminds us not to label ourselves and not to see ourselves as unchangable:

  1. People tend to solidify their self-conception, believing that their future selves will be the same as they are now, often overlooking the significant differences between their current selves and their past selves.
  2. Once we solidify our self-conception, we then ignore other possibilities.
  3. We should focus more on our growth rather than on our shortcomings.
  4. We should understand that our future selves will definitely be different from our current selves, and that the future is malleable; this allows us to envision what we want to become and work towards that direction.
  5. More importantly, if we construct a future persona for ourselves, we are more likely to move in that direction, so building a persona can help us change ourselves for the better.

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Benjamin Hardy 提醒我们不要标签化自己,不要把自己当作一成不变的:

  1. 人们总是倾向于把自己固化下来,以为未来的自己也会像现在的一样,却往往忽视现在的自己和过去的自己有很大的差异;
  2. 当我们把自己固化下来之后,那么就会忽略其他的可能性;
  3. 我们应当更关注自己的成长,而不是自己的差距;
  4. 我们应该明白未来的自己肯定和现在的自己是不同的,而且未来是可塑的;这样我们就可以设想自己要成为什么样的,并且朝着这个方向努力;
  5. 更重要的是,如果我们为自己构建一个未来的人设,那么我们就更倾向于朝着这个方向前进,所以构建一个人设可以帮助我们更好地改变自己。

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