Daily Productive Sharing 953 - I Would Tell Myself From 10 Years Ago

Daily Productive Sharing 953 - I Would Tell Myself From 10 Years Ago
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One helpful tip per day:)

Leila Clark shared 101 pieces of life advice, which she would have told herself 10 years ago. Among them, I found these 10 pieces most inspiring:

  1. There will be quiet periods of your life. They will feel slow and low in potential energy. The best use of them is to work on cool projects and share them.
  2. When you are bored at work, don't snack. Instead, go outside for a walk in the sun.
  3. Despite the fact that the trading interns seem obnoxious and scary, they are not smarter or better than you.
  4. At some point, you will face a choice between work and the love of your life. Pick the boy.
  5. You are not direct enough when criticizing people.
  6. At lot of your work will involve taking some flow in the world and optimizing some property of them: latency, throughput or bandwidth. To do this, you must figure out what limits them and then remove that bottleneck.
  7. Help people. Some of them may not remember, but you will feel good about doing it anyway. Some of them will, and it will create a strong bond between you.
  8. Try to make ambitious and smart friends who do cool things. The best way to do so is to be smart and ambitious yourself, and do cool things.
  9. Every month, write an email to your friends around the world. This is the best way to stay in touch with people who you may not see again for years.You are more like a plant than you realize. Drink lots of water and spend time in the sun.
  10. The next decade of your life will be a rollercoaster, but it will also amazing. You will make friends who will become family, find the love of your life and get really good at your craft. I wouldn't swap places with you. But I've had a great ride and I hope the next decade of my life is as good.

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Leila Clark 总结了101条人生经验,供十年前的自己参考。其中这十条对我的启发最大:

  1. 你的生活中会有一些低落的阶段。它们会让你感到缓慢且低落。最好的度过方式是在一些酷炫的项目上努力并分享。
  2. 当你在工作中感到无聊时,不要吃零食。相反,应该走出去,在阳光下散步。
  3. 尽管交易实习生看起来很讨厌且可怕,但他们并不比你更聪明或更优秀。
  4. 在某个时刻,你将面临工作与你生命中的爱情之间的选择。选择那个人。
  5. 在批评人时,你不够直接。
  6. 你的很多工作将涉及到世界中的某些流程并优化它们的某些属性:延迟、吞吐或带宽。要做到这一点,你必须弄清楚是什么限制了它们,然后消除那个瓶颈。
  7. 帮助人们。他们中的一部分可能不会记得你的帮助,但无论如何你会感觉良好。其中一些人会记得,这将在你们之间建立起强烈的联系。
  8. 尝试交一些有抱负且聪明的朋友,他们做着酷炫的事情。这样做的最好方式是自己变得聪明且有抱负,并做一些酷炫的事情。
  9. 每个月给你世界各地的朋友写一封电子邮件。这是与那些你可能多年不会再见面的人保持联系的最佳方式。你比你意识到的更像一株植物。多喝水,多晒太阳。
  10. 你生命中的下一个十年将是一场过山车,但它也将是精彩的。你将交到会变成家人的朋友,找到你生命中的爱情,并且在你的手艺上变得非常出色。我不会和你交换。但我已经享受了一段美好的旅程,我希望我生命中的下一个十年同样美好。

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