Daily Productive Sharing 954 - What Seem Like Work?

Daily Productive Sharing 954 - What Seem Like Work?
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Paul Graham said that his father has enjoyed solving math problems since he was young, diving into new textbooks to solve them. For him, those difficult problems were like rewards, and the preceding text was merely suggestions for solving them. From this, he said:

  1. If something feels like fun to you but seems like a problem to others, it may indicate that you enjoy and are good at these things.
  2. So, we might as well ask ourselves, what are the things that others find challenging but we find enjoyable? Perhaps this is where our talents lie.

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Paul Graham 说他的父亲自小就喜欢解数学题,拿到新课本就解题。对他而言,那些难题就像奖励一样,而前面的课文只是解题的建议而已。就此,他说:

  1. 如果有些东西对你而言像乐趣,而对于他人而言像难题的话,那么说明你可能喜欢且擅长这些;
  2. 所以我们不妨问自己,有什么是让他人感到挑战,却让我们感到乐趣的事?也许这就是我们的天赋。

顺着这个思路,我仔细想了想,我比较擅长拿到一个大问题之后,一点点检索,把整件事的脉络整理清楚。尽管一开始会很有挑战,但是慢慢地,整件事会越来越清晰,这让我感到很有乐趣。比如 AwesomeVisa 就源自我自己 DIY 签证的经历,一点点把准备流程整理清楚就让我很有成就感。

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