Daily Productive Sharing 955 - Rent or Buy a House?

Daily Productive Sharing 955 - Rent or Buy a House?
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Regarding whether to buy or rent a house, Nick Maggiulli has provided a simple criterion based on your inflation expectations during the mortgage period:

  1. If you believe that inflation will be high during the mortgage period, then you should buy a house;
  2. Otherwise, you can choose to rent. Nick himself has chosen to rent;
  3. If you choose to buy a house, it means you will make a large down payment and have monthly mortgage payments, but after paying it off, you will fully own this fixed asset;
  4. If you choose to rent, you will need to pay monthly rent, which may also increase with inflation; of course, since you don't need a large down payment, you can invest that money;
  5. Of course, all of the above considerations are purely from a financial perspective, and often there are other factors to consider when buying a house, such as marriage.

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关于买房还是租房,Nick Maggiulli 给出了一个简单的判断条件,就是你对还贷周期内的通胀预期:

  1. 如果你觉得在还贷周期内,通胀处于高位,那么就买房;
  2. 反之,你可以选择租房。Nick 自己选择的是租房;
  3. 如果你选择买房,那么意味着你会支付一大笔首付,并且每月要还贷,但还清之后,你就完全拥有这份固定资产;
  4. 如果你选择租房,那么每月需要付房租,而且房租可能还会随着通胀而上涨;当然,因为不需要一大笔首付,你可以拿这笔钱去投资;
  5. 当然,以上都是纯理财角度的考虑,很多时候买房还有其他考虑因素,比如婚姻。

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