Daily Productive Sharing 957 - Reading And Thinking

Daily Productive Sharing 957 - Reading And Thinking
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Paul Graham revealed a fascinating connection between reading and our way of thinking:

  1. When we read, our brains are not only experiencing the content but are also being reshaped by it in terms of thinking;
  2. Long after, we may not remember these reading experiences, but our thinking could be influenced. It's somewhat like having compiled software, but we might not be able to find the source code;
  3. The same book might reshape our thinking in different ways, so reading a book multiple times can have varying impacts on us.

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Paul Graham 揭示了一个阅读与我们思维之间的奇妙联系:

  1. 当我们阅读时,我们的大脑不仅在体验这些内容,还被这些内容重塑思考模式;
  2. 很久之后,我们也许不记得这些阅读体验,但是我们的思考模式可能会被影响。这就有点像编译好的软件,但是我们不一定找得到源代码;
  3. 同一本书可能有不同的点会重塑我们的思考模式,所以反复读一本书会带给我们不同的影响。

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