Daily Productive Sharing 958 - Daily Workout

Daily Productive Sharing 958 - Daily Workout
Photo by Boston Public Library / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday believes that daily exercise can stimulate his inspiration:

  1. When your body is active, your brain is more energetic.
  2. For those engaged in creative work, days filled with smooth inspiration are always in the minority; most days can feel frustrating, and maintaining exercise provides continuous positive feedback.
  3. Even if you feel pain during exercise, you will feel great afterward.

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Ryan Holiday 认为日常运动能够激发他的灵感:

  1. 当你的身体在活动时,你的大脑更有活力;
  2. 对于从事创意工作的人而言,顺畅有灵感的日子总是少数,大多是日子都会感到挫败,而坚持运动会不断给你正向反馈;
  3. 即使运动时你会感到很痛苦,但是运动后你会感到很爽。

以上也是我的体验 -- 一周四次的 Crossfit 并不容易坚持,特别是刚开始的时候,我还挑课,挑教练,看到太难的课就不想去。



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