Daily Productive Sharing 959 - Walk and Talk

Daily Productive Sharing 959 - Walk and Talk
Photo by Iain Kennedy / Unsplash

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Craig Mod shared about a Walk and Talk hiking event he organized with Kevin Kelly in Chiang Mai at the end of last year. They walked 100 kilometers over the course of a week, and the most touching part involved a stray dog:

  1. They encountered the dog halfway through their journey, and it accompanied them for 60 kilometers over four days.
  2. During these four days, the dog acted like their guardian, greeting other dogs and ensuring their safe passage.
  3. When resting, it quietly lay on the ground, never begging for food.
  4. They named the dog Tidi, short for Thai Dog, which phonetically translates to Thī̀ Dī (ที่ดี) in Thai, meaning "good thing."
  5. In the end, they took Tidi to a pet hospital for a check-up and found a family to adopt it.

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Craig Mod 分享了去年年底,他和 Kevin Kelly 在清迈组织的 Walk and Talk 徒步活动。他们在一周年走了100公里,其中最感人的是一只路上的流浪狗:

  1. 这只狗在中途遇见他们,四天陪他们走了六十公里;
  2. 在这四天里,这只狗像他们的守护者一样,与其他狗打招呼,让他们顺利通过;
  3. 休息的时候,它安静地躺在地上,从不乞食;
  4. 他们给它起了名字: Tidi for Thai Dog, 音译成泰语就是 Thī̀ Dī (ที่ดี),意即“好事”;
  5. 最后他们把 Tidi 送去宠物医院做了检查,并找到了收养它的家庭。

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