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Daily Productive Sharing 960 - Overtake America
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The recent article in The Economist provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Chinese economy:

  1. Economic deflation for three consecutive quarters: Labor force is shrinking, and the real estate market is contracting.
  2. The budget allocated to the technology industry exceeded 370 billion RMB, with a growth rate of over 10%, the largest increase among all budget categories.
  3. On the global innovation rankings, if calculated by GDP per capita, countries similar to China would rank around 60th, while China ranks 12th.
  4. Many industries have developed well in the past decade, such as the rapid development of electric vehicles, making China the largest exporter of automobiles last year. However, it is also important to note that this is related to the significant investment made previously to stimulate the economy.
  5. Due to fiscal constraints, current government investments may prioritize short-term benefits and may not be as patient as before.
  6. The crackdown on platform companies not only undermines investor confidence but also to some extent hinders the development of artificial intelligence in China, as these platform companies previously had both data and funds.

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  1. 连续三个季度经济通缩:劳动力正在缩减,房地产市场萎缩;
  2. 三月的两会上,拨给科技业的预算超过3700亿人民币,增幅超过10%,是所有预算中增幅最大的类目;
  3. 在全球创新榜上,如果按照人均 GDP 计算,与中国类似的国家大约能排在第60位,而中国排在第12位;
  4. 不少行业在过去十年发展得不错,比如电动车的迅猛发展,使得中国去年成为了最大的汽车出口国;但是也要看到,这与之前刺激经历的大笔投入有关;
  5. 由于财政的捉襟见肘,当下的政府投资可能更看重短期效益,不一定会像之前那么耐心;
  6. 对于平台公司的打击,不仅摧毁了投资者的信心,而且也在一定程度上阻碍了中国人工智能的发展,因为这些平台公司原来既有数据,又有资金。

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